Benefits of Organic Food on Health

Benefits of Organic Food on Health

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Organic food is produces by organic farming. That is to say, it claims the total non-use of chemicals and implementing agricultural practices. Moreover, breeding practices respect the natural balance of the environment and animal welfare. It cannot contain any genetically modified organism. The appellation is controlled by independent control and certification bodies.

In organic farming, crops are grown with respect for the environment and the earth’s resources. Such as managing soil fertility and crop pests well (pests, insects, diseases, etc.) through crop rotation, growing products compatible with soil quality and climatic conditions. Do not use synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or growth regulators, etc.), or GMOs.

The consumption of organic products is rising in the world. Not only for ideological or political reasons, as in the 60s. But mainly because they are the symbol of nature and health.

Organic foods are better for health. They allow us to consume fewer pesticides. Here, we gonna discuss benefits of organic food on health.

Organic Food Guide

Organic food has invaded our supermarkets and has grown considerably in recent years. Consumer awareness of healthier food fashion and interest in what is on his plate is probably related to the various food scandals.  Such as mad cow, listeria, animal meal, GMOs, salmonellosis …! That has punctuated the last decades.

National Institute of Agronomic Research (NIAR) collaborated in a study comparing products from organic farming to products from conventional farming.  It concludes that organic food would be better for health because it would contain less harmful products.


Eating organic means eating healthier

Organic products are more abundant in minerals and vitamins. For example, Vegetables contain more antioxidants. Meats are better because they contain more unsaturated fats and more omega 3.

Eat Organic means to eat fewer Pesticides & GMOs

Organic products contain fewer nitrates and pesticide residues than non-organic products. On average, consumers are 18 times more likely to find pesticide residues in food from intensive farming than from food from organic farming.

Eat Organic Means to Eat Taster Food

This observation is more striking with regard to fruits and vegetables. Because in the context of organic farming, they are grown riper. Therefore are concentrated in aromas and have a more flavorsome taste.

Eating Organic is good for the Environment

Organic farming protects the soil and limits erosion. Indeed, the extensive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers kills the soil and all biodiversity. Organic also helps preserve water. The varieties of organic food are adapted to local conditions and therefore consume less water. Organic farming also protects biodiversity.

Eating organic food is not more expensive!

Organic products indeed require more time, more labor, and lower yields, which implies higher prices than products sold in mass. However, when we consume organic, we consume less and smarter because we are aware of the environmental aspect, and we want to waste as little as possible.

Eating organic is certified!

The only way to verify the certification in the presence of the AB Label (Organic Agriculture) on the packaging. An independent control and certification body issue this certification. The control is used to assess the conformity of organic products with European standards. The latter is carried out at each stage of product transformation. It is done by appointment and improvised in the field.

A product that has this label can, therefore, be consumed safely.

Eating organic means discovering new foods

In organic stores or on organic markets, we only find seasonal foods, and this allows us to discover varieties and flavors that we are not used to finding in industrial preparations that always use the same foods. We would have fun while learning and preserving the planet!

Organic food is, therefore, an ideal response, both for ecological and health aspects. Caring for the planet is caring for us and our health!

Other health benefits of organic food include;

  • Organic food offers better nourishment for the healthier living of both humans and animals.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidant. The positive effect of anti-oxidants prevents you from cardiovascular disease, cancer, vision issues, pre-mature aging, and cognitive malfunction.
  • Organic foods are better in taste than conventionally grown foods.
  • Organic foods are enriched in vitamins and minerals, thus help you to strengthen your immune system.
  • They are non-poisonous and are not modified genetically.

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