17 Clever Hairdryer Hacks You should Try

17 Clever Hairdryer Hacks You should Try

by seoteam

Do you dream of beautiful and disciplined hair every day? The hairdryer is your essential ally to obtain a perfect hairstyle, but on condition that it is used well. If you’re only using a hairdryer to dry your hair, then you’re only using a small portion of it. Today, I will discuss with you smart and unique ways you can do with your hairdryer.

1. Dealing with Sticky Mess

You can use your hairdryer to eradicate labels, bumper stickers, contact paper, and other sticky things on your stuff. The heat of the hairdryer air will loosen up the adhesive. Thus you can easily take away the stickers from the mess.

2. Band-aids

Blow the hairdryer on your bandage for a few seconds to warm up the adhesive. It will help you to take off band-aid less painfully.

3. Candle wax

A hairdryer is also beneficial to remove candlesticks, votives, and other candle holders! It will soften up the spilled wax in this way you can easily remove it.

4. Crayon Mark

Children like to write on a wall. Maybe your kids are also like too. Don’t be panic; with the help of a hairdryer, you can easily make your wall clean. Crayons are made of wax. Heat them with the dryer to wipe away easily.

5. Water Rings

The heat of the hairdryer also helps to dry out the watermark from wood furniture. Put the nozzle or jet on your hairdryer. Set it on a serene setting then point the dryer at the water ring on the wood furniture. After a few seconds, increase the heat, and the circles will disappear.

6. Bed Sheet

Climb into bed during winter is an intimidating task. You can use your hairdryer to warm up your bed sheet bedtime.

7. Instantly dry your small clothes

No need to move with wet socks. Use your hairdryer to dry your small clothes quickly.  

8. Diaper Rash

For babies, who’ve diaper rash, use a hairdryer to keep them dry. While using their cool setting, make sure you’re your child’s bum is dry before putting the new one.

9. Tight/uncomfortable shoes

Have you an adorable pair of shoes, but it is a little bit tight or uncomfortable? Don’t fret. Wear the thickest socks and put on the shoes. After that, blow the hairdryer on your shoes to stretch them out.

10. Curly Lashes

Warm your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a couple of seconds. It will help you to produce an extra full and curly lashes.

11. Wrinkles of clothes

You can eliminate wrinkles from your clothes instantly. Just spray your clothes with water then point the hairdryer on the wrinkles of your clothes. Then see how they disappear.

12. Glossy Cake

Do you want to give your handmade cake a glossy and fresh look? Use the hairdryer to provide a professional look to your cake. Blow the warm air of hairdryer on the icing or topping of the cake, until it starts to look shiny. Then, let it cool.

13. Unstick Meat

 We all know that when meat kept in the freezer, it got stuck together. Blow the warm air on the stuck meat until it gets unstuck.

14. Soften Butter

If you want to soften the cold butter quickly for cookies, a hairdryer can do it magically.

15. Eradicate Clump

Salt and pepper often get clump in moisten air or if you put in a wet shaker. Wash your shaker before placing the salt or pepper in it. After that, completely dry it with a hairdryer. Make sure it is entirely dried before stodgy it again.

16. Crispy Chicken

It’s sound strange. Right! However, you can use your hairdryer to make roasted chicken crunchiest and delightful.

17. Dry toiletries

Do you want to pack your toothbrush, loofah, and other damp items? But they’re wet. What will you do? Use your hairdryer. This will reduce the chances of unpleasant moist smell.

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