DIY Tips to keep your Home Pests-Free

DIY Tips to keep your Home Pests-Free

by seoteam

Are you tired by fighting with a pest infestation? Pests in the home can cause a nuisance. It not only make your life difficult but also called severe health hazards. Here, we gonna discuss some tips to keep pest out your home.

First of all, let’s discuss what dust mites are and how they affect our health.

There’re almost 40,000 different species of mites. Mites are arthropods. They have an articulated external skeleton), specifically microscopic arachnids (with 8 legs, not of insects to 6 feet). They are found in abundance in our domestic environment, also called dust mite.

Why can mites be dangerous?

Originally, house dust mites are quite useful. They act a bit like garbage collectors. Where it gets spoiled is that they produce tiny droppings in astronomical quantities, and they decompose after they die. This produces extremely fine dust, which can be very irritating to the bronchi. They are called “dust mites”. They, therefore, frequently cause allergies, either of the respiratory type or the skin type, with redness and itching.

Fly away, flies!

Place basil plants in your kitchen or outside the window of the kitchen. Keep dried sprigs basil in muslin pouches inside your kitchen cabinets to get rid of flies. As flies can’t bear the smell of basil.

Mint Garlic Spray

Do you love plants, or do you’ve an entire garden in your home? Then, you may know pesky pests are really a headache. I will tell you a tip to save your plants without rinsing them in chemicals.

Blend the mint leaves and garlic cloves to make a mixture. Add a red pepper and dishwashing liquid in it. Now boil the mixture and let it cool. Now spray the content in the garden to fight those bugs.

White Vinegar

If you’ve cleaned up food sources that fascinate ants, but they’re still coming, use the white vinegar. Ants trail the alerts of pheromone to alert other ants. That’s why, whether you remove the food source, the ant still follows the trail. White vinegar is an ace source to diminish the chemical trail.


If you want to eliminate ant infestation, serve them some coffee. Ground the coffee bean in a fine mixture and spread it throughout your home. Especially in the areas where they’re come from.


Neem is a powerful natural insecticide. Add half an ounce of neem oil to a half teaspoon of dish soap. Put this mixture in warm water. Pour it in a spray bottle after mixing it well. Now use it to make your abode insect-free.


Placing the cucumber slices or its peels near entrances keeps the insects away from your home. It’s not only the ant that hates cucumber, moths, mites, wasps, and cockroaches also dislike it. So, keep the cucumber slices or peels around the kitchen or near the sink to keep cockroaches away. 


You can use cinnamon around entrances of your house to keep away bugs from entering. Pests can’t cross the cinnamon line. You can also use cinnamon inside on counters to eliminate scent trails left by ants.

Baking Powder

Spread the baking powder as evenly as possible in carpets or mattresses to remove bugs. The dosage is 20 grams per square meter (just over a tablespoon, or 4 teaspoons). Fine-Grained bicarbonate will be more effective than coarse bicarbonate. Use only food-grade bicarbonate, especially when treating bedding.

Eucalyptus Oil

Dip the small cloth in eucalyptus oil and place it in the area frequented with flies. See the magic! Your home will soon become fly-free.

Keep Your House Clean.

Once you clean up your home from pests, make sure they won’t pop up again. Follow these tips:

  • Remove debris and keep garbage in a closed bin. 
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean and unclogged. Pour warm water and vinegar once a week in the sink. 
  • Keep your kitchen counter clean and never keep your food uncovered.
  • Clean your floor and counter with soapy water.
  • Block all the entry points to keep the insects and rodents away.

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