How does your sleeping position affect your health?

How does your sleeping position affect your health?

by seoteam

Sleep is a vital pillar of our daily cycle. After all, it represents a third of our lives. As we know, the lack of night rest affects our health, our mood and even our relationships with others. Moreover, not only the quantity and quality of sleep but the sleep position affects our brain and body. Although in most cases, we fell asleep in a position intuitively, certain self-control in this area can solve many problems. Why is this so?

The best sleeping position is essential for your health. It’s probably your important main concerns. We usually spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Most of us sleep in a single position that we particularly like. However, it is prudent to look a little more at the different sleep positions and their benefits.

Sleeping position: on the stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is not an ace idea. There’re several reasons for it:

Sleeping on belly position will contort your spine in an unnatural position. The hollow between the bottom of the ribs and the pelvis accentuate. It can cause more or less lower back pain for the long term.

It is crucial to turn your head to the left or the right to breathe in this position. It may lead to compression of the cervical vertebrae. Maintaining this position every night for hours will cause stiffness upon waking.

Sleeping on your abdominal thwarts a good amplitude of the rib cage when you breathe. It is the main cause of premature osteoarthritis. Moreover, this position is not suitable for people suffering from sleep apnea or respiratory problems.

Arms are rarely kept alongside the body overnight. Generally, we lift them, to place them under the pillow or head. In this position, the trapezoids are manhandled, and the shoulders do not relax. Besides, the predisposition is even more harmful to the cervical. It may cause probable headaches on waking. It may also increase the risk of grinding your teeth. If it is yours, it is better to change it!

You’ll apprehend that this sleeping position will not accrue health benefits. However, some people are particularly attached to it. Are you no longer able to change your sleeping position? Are you too used to it? If yes, you can adapt and minimize the harmful effects of it. Get rid of your pillow to sleep on the mattress. If you can’t sleep without a pillow, replace it with an extra-flat pillow to prevent breakage at the neck.

If you want to avoid digging the back, place the pillow at the lower abdomen. Lastly, replace your soft mattress with a firmer mattress. A mattress coconut fibre or foam high resilience polyurethane 35kg / m3 is perfect.

Sleeping position: on the back

Sleeping on your back provides you with a lot of benefits:

It helps to keep the spine and neck aligned in a natural position. Thus, it decreases the neck and back pain. Your body pressure will distribute adequately. Gastric reflux is reduced. Another great advantage of it is it delayed the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

However, it is not suitable for those who’ve breathing problems, snoring, and sleep apnea.

While sleeping on your back, your lower jaw can fall back and affect your airways. It prevents you from breathing properly. A folded lower jaw in some people causes snoring and sleep apnea. If you’re already prone to these types of problems, you’re taking the risk of worsening the situation. It can also deteriorate the quality of your sleep.

Sleep on the side:

This position is good for your health. It recalls that of the fetus in the womb. It allows the body to relax entirely. Therefore to feel fit upon waking. Ideally, you should change sides regularly: a few days to the right, a few days to the left. Why? Because when you sleep on the left side, the lungs tend to compress the heart, and when you sleep on the right side, you can more easily get heartburn.

For some people with illnesses, it may not be advisable to sleep on one side. This is why we invite you to approach your doctor to avoid any danger. Finally, if you feel that you’re often tired, adopting a good sleeping position will not be enough to assure you a restful sleep but will contribute to it.
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