How to choose the right wardrobe color that enhance your skin tone?

How to choose the right wardrobe color that enhance your skin tone?

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Before you redo your wardrobe or buy clothes for a special occasion, or go to your online store, stop and read this article. You need to learn how to choose colors that enhance your complexion. Because wearing the wrong colors, your skin and hair will look dull. Instead, the right colors will make them brighter. If you don’t know about your skin tone, then you’re on the right page.

After a thorough reading of it, you’ll be able to choose the right clothes, jewelry, makeup and even the dye of your hair. Cut to the chase. You’ll be able to select everything that illuminates you, rejuvenate you. Moreover, speak about you with authenticity and freshen and radiant your complexion.

Comprehend what skin tone is.

Each of us has his own skin color. There’re actually only two basic types of skin tone:

  1. Warm skin tone
  2. Cool skin tone

Warm skin tones have yellow undertones, while cool skin tones have pink undertones.

If your skin could be more or less light or dark depending on your tan, your basic complexion will remain the same. It doesn’t matter whether you expose yourself to the sun a lot or not.

Examine your veins

The skin on your wrists, elbows, and temples is fragile. Our blood vessels pass just below it. If you’ve light skin color, you can see your veins under the skin in these areas of your body.

  • If your veins are green or olive in color, you have a warm complexion.
  • If your veins are rather blue, you have a cold complexion.
  • If you can’t really determine the color of your veins, or if their hue draws both green and blue, you have a neutral complexion.

Take the “sheet of paper” test.

If the skin on your face often shows redness, which will make you believe that you’ve a cold complexion. These rednesses could actually be due to hormones. During this test, base yourself on the color of your neck or chest. Don’t take that test on your face.

  • Hold a sheet of white paper at your throat or chest.
  • See what colors stand out on your skin when you juxtapose it with this white sheet.
  • Blue and pink will mean that you have a cold complexion.
  • Green and gold will mean that you have a warm complexion.

If you’ve a neutral complexion, the colors that stand out to this test could change depending on the time of year and your exposure to the sun.

Take the jewel test.

Again, avoid basing yourself on the color of your face. Do not use earrings for this test. Prefer to use a bracelet or a necklace. For this test, you’ll need a gold jewel and a silver jewel. Under good lighting, see how your skin reacts when you compare these two metals.

With what metal does your skin appear the brightest and healthiest?

  • If you prefer gold on your skin, you’ve a warm complexion.
  • If you find that silver makes the better your skin in value, you’ve a cold complexion.

Determine your season.

Summer and winter are the seasons of cold skin, while spring and autumn are those of warm skin.

Summer: the paper test brings out blue, red and pink undertones. Your hair and your eyes contrast slightly with your complexion.

Winter: the paper test brings out blue, red and pink undertones. Your skin contrasts greatly with the color of your hair and your eyes (light skin and black hair, for example).

Spring: the paper test highlights golden, cream or peach undertones. The “springs” often have a straw or red hair, freckles, pink cheeks, and green or blue eyes.

Autumn: the paper test highlights golden, warm or yellow undertones.

Choose the right color dress for your complexion

Know which colors highlight all skin tones. Some colors highlight everyone. Whatever your skin tone, so try to wear bright red, pale pink, purple.

Change your hair color to enhance your complexion

This is a drastic change and much more lasting than a new outfit or new makeup. Then think twice before dyeing your hair. That said, a new hair color could do wonders and enhance your complexion.

For warm skin tones with yellow or golden undertones: try a deep brown shade, such as a chestnut or mahogany color. In wicks, try a copper-red.

For cold complexions with blue or red undertones: the contrast will best enhance your skin. Then try an intense brown, red or blonde.

For reddish skin tones: a brown, honey or golden blonde coloring will allow you to unify your complexion.
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