How to Travel the World for free in 2020? 8 Tips to discover!

How to Travel the World for free in 2020? 8 Tips to discover!

by seoteam

Looking for tips and advice to travel the world free? I suggest you join our ideas in order to find solutions to travel around the world without spending a dollar? (Or a tiny sum of money compared to the value of the trip)!

How much will the world tour cost me? How much should I save before leaving? What are the different expenses to be expected? These efficient questions tend to get most of us out of the dream (on the verge of becoming a reality). It represents our world tour but is nevertheless essential for a successful world tour!

Today, I’ve thought about publishing the article for those who’re looking for advice and tips on finding a cheap trip. How to travel for free or almost? Here are 8 tips (realistic, original, and sometimes eccentric)!

Traveling and working there

Get hired in a company that regularly performs an incentive or seminars.

The purpose of this type of stay is to motivate employees. So, you will be invited to participate in a tailor-made program of activities and meals, a few kilometers from your home, in the neighboring department, in a neighboring country, and why not anywhere in the world? For the company, it is an excellent solution to energize its teams, and it allows employees to travel for free. I was able to visit the city of Lyon, Chamonix, Budapest, and Amsterdam without having to shell out money from my pocket.

Work in the travel world.

Here are some jobs that make trips 100% free: air hostess, tourist product manager, author of tourist guides, guide, animator…! The purpose of this trip concerns the theme of travel. However, it will be necessary to work on-site, often at a frantic pace. The profession of travel agent also allows you to travel, but this is very exceptional (around one trip per year).

Traveling free for professional reasons.

If you’re a journalist, a soldier, a photographer, a salesperson… you can gain this benefit. Therefore, multiply your chances of being paid for a plane ticket by your company. Consequently, you can visit another side of the world. The advantage is that you have no fees to pay. You’ll, however, work on-site (and that you’ll understand, this is the downside).

Do an internship or an exchange abroad,

Make an internship with a program that covers the costs related to the stay. This possibility is reserved for students. Here’re some programs that might interest you for traveling for free (knowing that you’ll also have to study or do an internship on-site): the European Voluntary Service, the Leonardo program, the Rotary Young Exchange…!

Join an association and go as a volunteer

Engage in an association and leave as a volunteer to a city or country where will your help needs. Of course, this option should not be chosen only for free travel. It will also be necessary to be committed to the mission entrusted throughout the stay, such as the construction of a school in Benin. More simply, you can also volunteer for an event that will take place in Dubai. (You will thus participate free of charge in a music festival for preparing the stage before the show, for example).

Become a language teacher for a summer or a school year.

Whether you speak only Spanish or are multilingual, you’ve an opportunity to travel free. A school or university is likely looking for someone like you. Such as who would be happy to teach their mother tongue in another country. Your stay will probably be fully covered.

Bet on WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

With this program, you will simply have to work a few hours a day on a farm or a farming operation. In exchange, you will be fed and accommodated. A good compromise for a unique experience on the other side of the world and free travel. However, you will probably have to pay for your plane ticket to the destination you have chosen.

Choosing couch surfing

It is also a good alternative if you want to be accommodated for free. This principle is based on the concept of hospitality simply. They are hosts who welcome travelers for one or more nights. If sleeping on a couch or a mattress on the ground does not make you afraid, you may well consider selecting this free hosting mode.

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